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Online Vocabulary Resources for Students

Useful Online Resources Available at No Cost



Vocabulary Quiz

Correctly guess the word based on its definition.Strengthen vocabulary and simultaneously contribute grains of rice to the United Nations Food Program.

Puzzlemaker (Grades 1-12)

A puzzle generation tool where you can create and print customized word search, criss-cross, and other puzzles using your own word lists and definitions.

Online Dictionary with Word Games (Grades 3-12)

Offers the full-text of the Merriam Webster collegiatedictionary and thesaurus. The site also offers links to word games, word of the day, etc.

Unveiling Idioms: A Game of Concentration(Grades 4-8)

Brainstorm popular expressions with friends and family, then explore their meanings through game play and writing/drawing/cut-and-paste activities.

Dictionary Game(Grades 3-12)

Provides a reverse dictionary where students can type in a concept or definition using their own words and the site will generate a list of words that match.

It’s all Greek to Me! Word Roots Game(Grades 1-12)
Scholastic News Hangman (Grades 3-8)

Develop spelling skills.

Spelling Wizard(Grades 3-8)


Follow the Word Trail: Organize a Treasure Hunt (Grades 3-8)

Create a treasure hunt out of word-puzzle clueshidden around the home or yard.




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