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Online Reading Resources for Students

Useful Online Resources Available at No Cost


Let the Show Begin! Literary Talent Show(Grades K-6)

Children choose their favorite songs, poems, or stories to act out in a talent show for friends and family.

Alphabet for Kids (Pre-K-1)

Alphabet activities, including a letter-matching, letter-sequencing, and matching upper case with lowercase letters.

Have You Seen the Movie Yet? (Grades 6-8)

Create movie scenes based on a book you read.

Start Your Own Book Club (Grades 3-5)

Children can enjoy a community-building experience by meeting with friends to choose, read, and discuss books together.

Learn about Books(Grades PreK-8)

Browse books by topic and age, get reading resources, and view book blogs

Character Scrapbook(K-8)

Children can analyze thecharacters in any book, as well as print and collect scrapbook pages.

Create Trading Cards for Favorite Characters(Grades 3-5)

Use the online Character Trading Cards tool to have children make cards describing their favorite characters from the books on their reading list.

Environmental Print(Pre-K-1)

Children and parents use signs, labels, wrappers, and other types of packaging found within their environment in order to make connections between print and reading.

Folk Tales from Around the World (Pre-K-3)

Children learn about cultures through folk tales from many countries.

Finding Poetry in Pleasure Reading(Grades 6-8)

After reading a book or magazine, children and teens can choose a section and transform it into what’s known as a “found poem.”

Exploring the Library(Grades 3-5)

Plan a visit to a library to discover more about this magical place.

Mail Time! (Grades 3-5)

Sort through your junk mail and talk about what you find for a fun literacy activity before recycling it!

Language Building Activities (K-2)

Children to play naming, letter identification, and rhyming games.

Novel Companions(Grades 3-8)

Helps you understand plot, setting, words and more from popular novels.

A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words (Pre-K-1)

Children develop their own stories to go along with wordless picture books.

Read and Write aboutPoems (Grades 3-8)

The largest collection of poetry for kids on the internet

Make a Mystery Puzzle(Grades 5-8)

Have children explore the different parts of mystery writing by making a puzzle about a favorite book. They can then invent and write their own mysteries using the online Mystery Cube tool.

Online Books from around the World(Grades K-8)

A collection of books from throughout the world that you can read and browse online

The Biography Maker(3-6)

Children read and organize information to create biographies.

One Stop Learning Activities(K-2 and 3-5)

Children can choose from many different reading and writing activities, including rhyming, spelling, read-a long, matching sounds with letters and words, and story starters.

Share What You’re Reading (Grades 1-12)

Share what you are reading with other students and discover new books

PBS Between the Lions(Pre-K-3)

Activities that develop skills with songs and stories.

Chicago Public Library(Grades K-12)



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