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Bus Transportation

 Bus transportation does not automatically renew. An Application for School Bus Service, White Form must be completed every year. The information on the application must match the original documentation presented at pre-registration (new students) or currently on our school records (returning students). If you have any changes, i.e., new address, original documentation must be presented in person to Ms. Conley. Requests for transportation are completed onsite at Keller, with the exception of special circumstances, such as an application for hazards, park kids, etc. In these cases, special documentation is required and handled on a case-by-case basis. Final student transportation information is disseminated from the Central Office. 
The Application for School Bus Service and other transportation forms may be accessed via the CPS website at: https ://
Bus Transportation Responsibilities
Bus service is provided for students who live more than 1.5 miles from school. It is very important that your child knows what to do on and around the school bus. Parents are responsible for discussing the bus rules and policies below.
  • Children are required to behave properly and courteously on the buses at all times. 
  • Be at your bus stop before the bus is expected to arrive and wait in an orderly fashion - off the street and away from passing cars. 
  • If a line is formed to board the bus, do not push. Wait until the bus has come to a complete stop and the children ahead of you have boarded. 
  • Always remain in your seat with the seat belt buckled. Never move around the bus while it is in motion, when it pauses for traffic, or when it stops at another child's stop. 
  • Never throw anything in the bus or out of the windows. 
  • Do not touch the emergency doors or the fire extinguishers. 
  • In an emergency, stay in your seat until the driver tells you what to do. 
  • Do not eat or drink on the bus. Keep the aisles clear at all times. 
  • Always sit, face forward, in your assigned seat. 
  • Do not open windows without the driver's permission. Given permission, windows cannot be opened more than three inches. 
  • Never call out to, wave at, or signal to people outside of the bus. 
  • Do not talk to the driver unless it is absolutely necessary. Keep your voice at a reasonable level so that the directions of the bus driver can be easily heard at all times. 
  • Do not ask to be dropped off anywhere except at your regular stop. Keep your head, hands, and arms inside the bus at all times. 
  • Do not swear, fight, threaten anyone or write on the inside or outside of the bus. 
  • Do not destroy bus property in any way.
Violation of the bus rules will result in an immediate suspension of bus service and/or disciplinary action in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct of the Chicago Board of Education.
Bus Offense Consequences
(Student Code of Conduct)
  • First offense - student receives a written warning (except for fighting - see below). 
  • Second offense within the same semester - student will be removed from the bus for two days. 
  • A parent conference will be held. 
  • Third offense within the same semester -student will be removed from the bus for five or more days. 
  • Fighting on the bus will not be tolerated. Students fighting on the school bus will result in severe disciplinary action up to and including termination of bus service and a suspension from school.
Dismissal Other Than By Assigned Bus
If you are going to pick up your child after school, or if you wish to have your child go home with another student, written permission is required. The child must bring a signed permission note to school on the morning of the day in question and the parent must notify the bus driver.
Except in emergencies, telephone permission for dismissal other than by assigned bus will not be accepted. Students are not allowed to ride on a bus route other than their own. Students ineligible for school bus service may not ride a CPS bus route to go home with another student.
Please be sure your child understands the dismissal policy and has all required written permission notes. If your child does not have a note to the contrary, she/he will be sent home on his/her regularly scheduled bus route. If your child is not approved for student transportation, he/she may not ride the school bus.
Resolving Bus Problems
We try to ensure that our students are provided with the best available bus service. When problems arise concerning bus service, please follow these procedures:
  • Call the bus company. 
  • Be prepared to give your child's school name and bus route number. 
  • If the bus company cannot assist you, please contact school administration. 
  • If the problem cannot be resolved through the school, you can also call the CPS Central Office, Bureau of Student Transportation Services, at 773-553-2860.
2017-18 Student Transportation Forms:
2017-18 Student Transportation Forms Click here for the link for 2017-18 Student Transportation Forms. All applications must be turned into the school.
1) Application for School Bus Service
2) Sibling Transportation Request
3) Park Kids Program Request
4) Stop Change Request Forms
Application for School Bus Service:
Students participating in specified programs at identified Chicago Public School sites are eligible for school bus service in accordance with published policies. The parent and/or legal guardian of each student attending the Chicago Public Schools and requesting school bus service to a school with bus service for the next school year and/or completing any transportation request form must complete this application by June 1, 2017. Forms received after this date will be processed, but transportation on the first day of school is not guaranteed. Parents may request bus service at any time during the school year but only those programs authorized to receive bus service by the Board of Education shall be approved.
Chicago Park District-Park Kids Program Request Form:
In order to expedite the review process of Park District requests, we have a Pre-Approved some parks for schools that traditionally have students participating in Park Programs. Please ask the school which parks have been pre-approved for your school. The service to the Pre-approved parks will begin Monday, September 18, 2017. Families may still opt to apply for bus service to Chicago Park District programs that are not on the Pre-Approved list. Those forms will be processed after the first day of school and service to those parks will begin on Monday, September 25, 2017. Parents are responsible for transporting their child to a Park Program until a determination has been made regarding this application for bus service.
Sibling Transportation Request Form:
Effective with SY 2014-2015, once siblings have been approved for transportation, this form no longer needs to be submitted each school year - as long as the eligible student and the approved siblings are still enrolled at the school, live at the same address, and have the same guardian. If the students are new to the school, the parent/guardian should complete a new Sibling Transportation Request form and submit it to the school for processing. The request does not follow the students if they transfer to a new school.