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Registration Forms

Join KAA: 2017 - 2018 KAA Membership Agreement
KAA is a membership organization. All parents and legal guardians with children enrolled in Keller, and current members of Kellers faculty/staff/administration, are eligible for membership. A person can join KAA by completing a 2017-2018 KAA membership agreement and returning to school marked Attention KAA with annual Association Dues payment of $2015/family. Members of KAA and their families are entitled to discounted admission fees for all KAA social/recreational activities.
Volunteer Opportunities
KAA relies on volunteers to run all sports and social programs. If you are available to volunteer, board members strive to provide the support and guidance you need to ensure a successful experience. Over the years, many KAA volunteers have honed their coaching skills. It is not necessary to be a to volunteer. DETERMINATION, DRIVE and DESIRE are all you need. We are currently looking for volunteers for sports/activities planned for the
2017-2018 school year.
KAA membership, team participation, and/or involvement with social/recreational activities are voluntary commitments. Also, participation in these programs is contingent upon a student satisfactory achievement in academics. Registrations for activities are held through school. If enrollment for an activity is too low to field a team, activity registration payments will be refunded. A family is a decision to not participate after registration has concluded will not guarantee a refund.
Coaching Requirements
CPS policy requires a coach to be fingerprinted and complete an online Concussion Awareness class.
Attached are the forms needed for the background check and fingerprinting (page 3 and 4 only). These pages plus a state ID or driver's license are needed for the fingerprinting.
The fingerprinting is done by the firm, Accurate Biometrics. Below is the link to the Concussion Awareness training. htps://
You must log in and purchase the Concussion Class. It is free. Once you purchase the class, you will see the class in your Dashboard (top left button). The course takes about 40 minutes and you will receive a certificate PDF at the end.
We ask that you email the certificate of completion to KAA at
KAA appreciates your cooperation in this mandatory process. On March 26, 2014, the Board rescinded the previous volunteer policy, Board Report 06-0927-PO2 and adopted a new Volunteer Policy effective at the start of the 2014-15 school year. The policy is attached for your information.