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Explore the number of chairs needed when tables are arranged in a restaurant.
Circle Tool
Compare the circumference and area of a circle to its radius and diameter.
Computing Pi
Compare two methods for computing pi.
Circle Grapher
Create a customized circle graph with your own data, or display a circle graph from an included set of data.
Play a matching game with different representations of equivalent items match quantities to their numerals, shapes to their names, or fractions to decimals and percents.
Distance to Horizon
Investigate the relationship between your height above the Earth and the distance you can see to the horizon.
Deep Sea Duel
Play a strategy game that requires you to select cards with a specified sum before your opponent
Equivalent Fractions
Create equivalent fractions by shading squares and circles.
Electronic Abacus
Explore an abacus model for representing numbers and performing addition.
Simulate the spread of a wildfire using aprobability applet.
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