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Area Tool
Investigate how changes in the base and height of trapezoids, parallelograms, and triangles affect their area.
Angle Sums
Explore the sum of the interior angle measures for various polygons
Adjustable Spinner
Create a spinner and examine the experimental and theoretical outcomes for a specified number of spins.
Algebraic Transformations
Explore commutativity and associativity within a geometric situation
Box Plotter
Create a customized box plot with your own data, or display a box plot of an included set of data.
Bobbie Bear
Use counting trategies to make as many outfits for Bobbie Bear as you can, using different colored shirts and pants.
Bar Grapher
Create a customized bar graph with your own data, or display a bar graph from an included set of data
Cool Math (Grades K-12)
Determine the volume of a box by filling it with cubes, rows of cubes, or layers of cubes.
Cube Nets
Examine various two-dimensional figures to determine which ones can be folded into a cube.
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